Dan Weinberg Break The Loop


Dan is london based composer, music producer and co-founder of Break The Loop, he spends his days deep underground in his central London studio crafting the sonic world of films, albums and everything else in between.

Despite having narrowly escaped an attempt at Masterchef fame, much to his mum’s dismay, he is still a dab hand in the kitchen and loves nothing more than inviting everyone over and cooking up multiple course feasts which tend to require stretchy pants and tactical eating.

He is also a keen cyclist and fitness addict, the best antidote to a life spent perfecting his ghostly studio tan.

Hayley Warnes Break The Loop


Hayley is London based writer, digital content creator, triathlon fanatic and co-founder of Break The Loop.

She believes that it’s possible to create the life and career you truly want and better yet, that you can do it your own way. Her mission is to help as many women discover their potential and live a life that they love, whilst totally bossing their careers. She has recently co-founded Get To KNOW a community and platform for women in the creative industries, worldwide.  Get To KNOW focuses on networking as a tool for success along with all the many other things you need to know when starting a biz.


Break the loop. Do what you do but do it differently.

A lifestyle site with a heavy emphasis on creating a life that you truly love.

Founded by London based creative couple Dan & Hayley and born out of the mutual need to kick back against the machine that is urban living. They realised that too much of their time was being spent building the dreams of others so they made the conscious decision to continue playing the game but from a different angle and with a whole new set of rules.

This little corner of the web is their space to sit back, reflect and experiment. To document and share the highs and lows of living intentionally and embracing the unfamiliar, whilst using their collective force to curate and create a life full of experience and adventure. Hopefully inspiring others to ‘break the loop’ and do what they have to do to succeed but to do it differently.
You will most often find them in the studio – dreaming up projects such as this one, in the kitchen – cooking up a storm, or outside – swimming, biking and running around London.

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