This is the first of many fitness focused mixes and is definitely aimed at giving you something to inspire a great 70 minute spin/turbo session that’s climbing heavy. It’s a purely Brazilian music mix to keep the sun shining, even if you’re stuck indoors. Drop us an email or leave a comment if you want to know any details of the tracks featured. Below is a suggested layout for your session.

  • 0-10 mins – Use this as a good fast spin warm up. Try to keep your cadence with the tempo of the tracks
  • 10-16 mins – At the beat change just beyond ten minutes crank up the resistance and you’e into the first climb in this session. Its about 6 mins and a warm up to whats coming!
  • 16-20mins – You’re out of the climb (whew!) and back to a light fast spin, recover, you’re going to need it.
  • 20-40 mins – This is our main climb. Start with a little resistance and add more every time the track changes. There’s 5 different tracks in this section so 5 levels of resistance to work through.
  • 40-50 mins – Recover. Have a drink, lower that heart rate!
  • 50-60 mins – The last climb! Give it the beans!!
  • 60-70 mins – Time to sit up, spin those legs out and dream about that trip to Rio you’ve always meant to take.

If you try it, let us know what you think!

Have a brilliant weekend!

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