// Photograph by Vladimir Rolov

There are moments you observe during your day that can change your mood for the better in an instant.

I was running errands today, really dull errands at the end of my unremarkable day. I wandered onto a tube platform in London and the first thing I saw were two very old ladies chatting away, body language telling of a lifelong friendship. They were dressed up, looking great and both balanced on walking sticks amidst the throng of another busy London day. As it happened the only free space on the platform was next to these two so I walked over and claimed my space. As I got closer I realised one was telling the other a story. After two or three minutes it seemed like the story involved a roll… A bread roll? Another two minutes later and it’s now a cheese roll and something to do with tea time. I’m stifling a smile at hearing this and wondering where it’s all going. I happened to look over at this point and the listeners face suddenly cracked from rather serious into a mischievously wry smile. A moment later and still deep in flow about the roll, her friend paused to ask, ‘What? Why are you smiling?’ The listener began to giggle, then belly laugh out loud and replied, ‘You’ve been telling me a story about a cheese roll for the last 10minutes! Anyone would think you’d lost your marbles!’ At which point they both started belly laughing, reverting instantly to two silly schoolgirls, in on a joke. That got me too… I couldn’t contain a giggle and when they realised I’d heard it all only seemed happy to have me join in the laugh.

Moral of the story? Laugh! Laugh more & be silly. It’s good for you. So are great friendships that allow you to call a dear friend out! Even when you’re 80! Plus you might help someone who is feeling a tad tired and grumpy lose a little world weight.

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