Saturday morning saw me down at ‘Ugly Duck’ in Bermondsey ready to partake in some seriously bendy behaviour… aka yoga!

A little bit about the space… Ugly Duck, a previously empty 19th century warehouse (known until recently, simply as 47/49 Tanner Street) has been given a new lease of life by a group of individuals passionate about injecting life into somewhat unloved and unused spaces. I totally agree that this is especially important in overcrowded cities such as London, where space really is of a premium. The focus for these spaces is interdisciplinary arts and other pop-up projects and launches such as the one I attended. These events really bring a sense of life, learning & community to these locations, invaluable to the overall feel of an area.

This was a whole day of yoga, 14 classes in total plus some impromptu acro outside in the sunshine! All complimentary aside from a small donation (if you felt moved to do so) and run by the teachers at Udaya Online Yoga in preparation for their UK launch.

I met up with these two beauts…

(Introducing Miss Portia P of Model Fit Life and the lovely Phoebe of WOOD & LUXE..)

And we proceeded to do all the things that bloggers do… We took aerial shots of delicious, healthy food… We chatted about fitness, travel, boys, our upcoming projects and we finished the morning off planting little seeds of ideas re future meetups and fun schtuff like that!

It’s so awesome, and something that I really try not to take for granted, that I get to hang out with this community of cool, driven, down-to-earth girls. Sure, we all have different paths but we definitely share the same common goal of living the healthiest, happiest lives possible whilst having lots of laughs along the way. Brilliant.

What’s that saying about a weekend well spent? 😉

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