Last Tuesday Dan and I joined the London Midnight Runners for a strengthen & stretch session in Hyde Park, led by one of my favourite insta fit gals, Adrienne! I’d had a bit of a wash out of an afternoon so getting outside to train on a beautiful day and with a load of happy, positive souls was just what I needed.

We got stuck in traffic on the way and by the time we arrived, we were late and I was bursting for a wee, as usual! (TMI?! I’m never sure… what boundaries?! Ha!) No time to dwell on that though as we started warming up with short sprints and bear crawls etc… Music was blasting, muddy knees and grass stains were the order of the day and it was brilliant!

We did a short (but killer) strength session and then spent some time focusing on stretching and lengthening our muscles… If you get the chance I would highly recommend training with this chick! Great energy, great workouts and just generally bloody lovely! Also, I will listen to anyone who has abs like hers!!! Both devastating and super inspiring all at the same time! Ha!

I was hoping to join the London Midnight Runners for their weekly run today but as I am currently sat on a train speeding my way to Birmingham for a couple of days modeling posh frocks, it looks like I’ll have to settle for a bit of hotel room HIIT & yoga.

Hope you all have a brilliant Sunday, however you’re spending it! All those still in bed… I hate you.

Just kidding, love you really.

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