Reformer Pilates

REFORMER PILATES AT HEARTCORE The lovely Adrienne wrote a post recently about how awesome and beneficial Reformer Pilates is and I have been meaning to try it for a while so this was just the kick up the bum I needed!

I will say this though, Reformer Pilates is damn EXPENSIVE! However, if you shop around and do your homework you will find that a lot of studios offer you your first class for FREE! When these classes normally come in at between £20 and £30 for an hour or less, it’s so worth it to travel around a bit and try them all out. Plus then if you do decide to flash the cash and commit to a whole course or block of sessions, then you have the knowledge and experience to pick the studio and teacher that is right for you.

I have been meaning to try Heartcore for a while now after almost shooting for them a while back (sadly / not sadly I was away in Italy the date of the shoot) so Monday evening I set an account up and booked my first class. I would consider myself relatively fit and strong but I was definitely apprehensive as those machines really do look like modern day torture contraptions, I absolutely loved it though! I get the impression that the type of Reformer Pilates that’s taught at Heartcore is definitely more strength based than your standard, or ‘true’ Pilates but that actually kinda suits me with my bull-in-a-china-shop attitude to training! I think if you’re looking for true Pilates you should probably look elsewhere, however, if you’re looking for results fast and are prepared to get an absolute beasting (ie do you want to want to spend an hour grimacing, shaking and sweating from every.single.pore?) then this is your class!

It really does challenge you, no matter how fit and strong you are!

As much as I would love to do it more often I don’t think I will ever pay £27 per class as a regular thing, sorry Heartcore! (It’s not you, it’s my bank balance!) I have however taken advantage of their special offer of 3 classes for £40 which makes them just over £13.00 per class which I think is probably the cheapest you will find reformer classes in London so definitely worth signing up for!

Any reformer fans out there? Can you recommend any studios and trainers? I will be heading over to The Light Centre to try a class with the lovely Lottie at some point soon and after taking one of her mat classes yesterday, I know it will be a good one!

Edited to add – I have since fallen in love with reformer pilates at Studio Lagree. It is my kinda class, through and through and despite the price tag I’d recommend it to anyone!

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