Tips for motivation


Can you feel that? There’s a definite chill in the air. Up at 5am this morning for swimming and the car was almost frosty, it was definitely trying. I don’t know about you but I’m in no way ready for that! Have we even had a summer?!

As the colder weather creeps in and threatens to drive us all indoors and under a billion layers, we need to stand strong! We have worked hard for our summer bodies and I for one am not going to let mine go without a fight! Fitness and general health is all about consistency, there really isn’t any point in inhaling green juices and kale all summer long if you switch to baked goods and wine as soon as winter rolls around. So, it’s time to strengthen that foundation you have been working on. There is a saying between athletes that goes a little something like…

‘Medals are won in the winter.’

It’s so true. It might be hard (it definitely will be!), it might not be glamorous (it definitely won’t be!) but when you emerge into spring with your legs full of miles, your body full up with health and vitality and your mind full of the knowledge that you have endured, that you have worked hard whilst others were sleeping in, staying cosy etc… You will be ready to fly, my friends (and look awesome whilst doing it!).

And do you know what, the more often that you can stay consistent, year in year out, the easier it will become, till one day… It’s just what you do.

So here are a few tips from us, to help keep your motivation game strong, well into winter;

1. Join a club. This could be running, swimming, cycling, climbing… whatever your poison! Sometimes this can be a much more cost effective (and friendly) way of gaining encouragement, motivation and a general fitness support network than say, signing up to a fancy gym or swanky new class. There are plenty of running clubs / groups in every area across London, The London Midnight Runners are just one awesome example! A quick internet search will direct you to the one closest to you. They will, more often than not, let you try a session for free so that you can see how you get on with the group and if you think it would be a good fit for you. I am a member of a Masters Swim club and honestly swimming with those guys and my utterly wonderful coach was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I hate getting up when it’s cold and dark but I love swimming with those guys and it makes it all worth it.

2. Buddy up. If you don’t fancy joining a larger group, no worries! It only takes one dear friend to hold you accountable and get you out of the door when you really don’t feel like it. Someone who makes you laugh, someone who is reliable and someone who shares your passion for all things schweattyyy, see my post here about how your vibe totally attracts your tribe and how you are much more likely to succeed by surrounding yourself with driven, motivated people. You can make dates and arrange to meet after work to run part of the way home together. You can pick out new running routes feeling safe in the knowledge that you needn’t worry about being alone in unfamiliar territory (not to be the fun police or anything but, safety first girls and boys!). Also when you know you have another persons goals and ambitions resting on your shoulders you are much more likely to get up, lace up and show up!

3. Treat yourself. Yes, you heard me! When the weather gets colder you need to make sure you are properly attired, think lots of layers rather than one heavy hoody. A super lightweight waterproof / windproof jacket will be a lifesaver and can be easily rolled up and squeezed into a pocket when it’s not needed. Also remember to go for maximum visibilty, it might not be summer but you can still totally rock those neons and double bonus, cars / cyclists / pedestrians will all see you coming a mile off, even when it’s dark at like 2 in the afternoon. Also, the power of new gear should never be underestimated. Even if it’s something as small as new gloves and an ear warmer, new training clothes is guaranteed to get you out of the door, motivation or no motivation! It’s scientifically proven… Or something like that…

4. At home workouts. So handy to have a few of these in your arsenal for when you really don’t want to go outside, if you end up stuck for ideas you could try this 20 minute workout that we have created, be sure to let us know what you think, if you do! I have always been a massive fan of Insanity (crazy hard – but really short – and reeeeally effective HIIT workouts) but the new, or not so new, craze that is taking over the fitness world is Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guides… I haven’t tried these but I have friends who have and who swear by them. There is also a whole army of women on Instagram ‘Kayla’s Army’ who will help to provide encouragement and support if you’re ever struggling. I also find that having killer playlists made and ready to go help massively, too! I hate getting on the turbo if I don’t have decent music or something motivational, ready to watch! Have a listen to this 60 minute mix we made that could be the backdrop to 60 minutes of yoga or gentle strength and stretching!

Anyone have any tips of their own? I also struggle with a lack of motivation when winter strikes but I’m feeling pretty confident that between us, we’ve totally got this!

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