New toys. Everybody loves new toys. I’ve been an avid cyclist for over a decade and I would generally describe myself as a fitness addict. With all that said, I’ve never been one for stats, you might say I was even a little purist in attitude. I’ve always felt you should enjoy sports and training for the pleasure they give and not be too hung up on numbers and performance. The body will give you signals and if you learn to listen to them you will know your limits, your weaknesses and strengths.

This has worked well for me for some time but recently I’ve been struggling with the fact I’ve probably trained too much and too hard in the last few years. I’ve not listened to those signals very well and have pushed myself, to the detriment of my health, manifesting in little niggles and ailments here and there.

So, I’ve decided to change my attitude a little and explore some new toys.

Enter the ‘Wahoo Fitness TICKRX‘. It’s a heart rate monitor / run counter / activity monitor / vibration sensor. It links to your smartphone or can save data internally while you work out and comes with a range of apps and and an even wider range of third party apps for tracking your activity. It took minutes to setup and I’m already tracking everything I do. Essentially the more data I can get my hands on, the better I can understand how much I’m training and what I’m taking out of my body, recovery time needed, etc…

I’m mainly using it with either Strava or the free Wahoo fitness app. Watch this space for a longer term review of applying such wearable tech and how it helps achieve the best balance between training and recovery.

// We were very kindly gifted a couple of these activity trackers to test out, however we have not been paid to review this product, all opinions are our own.

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