1. You will no longer get to enjoy those long, sleepless nights where you toss and turn… Watching the hours fly by at an alarming rate as you struggle to nod off. I mean, who wants to feel like an actual human come morning?!

What you will have to deal with, is a much more regulated sleeping pattern and all around healthier circadian rhythm. Your body will have worked hard and it will want to rest, hard. When aiming towards a restful nights sleep, a couple of other things to remember are to cut down the sugary sweets and snacks as these will send you (and your blood sugar) through the roof when really you want to be in a relaxed state of bliss. Another tip is to dim all the lights an hour or so before you want to head to bed and limit all bright screened technology that can easily trick your mind into staying super active.

2. You can kiss goodbye to feeling sluggish and lethargic!

Exercise and energy levels create a positive feedback loop! i.e. The more you do, the more you want to do! You want to bounce out of bed in the morning? Try adding a little activity into your day, it’s that simple.

3. Your health will improve!

I don’t know about you but as I get older I’m realising more and more that (sadly) I’m not as invincible as I once may have thought! This one body that we get, is what will carry us through life, through thick and thin, good and bad, this is what we have. If we don’t show it a bit of respect and look after it accordingly then you can bet your ass that you’ll be in a for a bumpy ride, health wise. Studies have actually shown that by adding as little as 30 minutes of exercise to your routine each day, you can add 4 years to your life! Pretty neat, huh!

4. You will steadily start to lose excess body fat and in it’s place gain a fitter, more toned physique.

Body composition doesn’t need to be the reason you push yourself through a workout each day, it can just be a happy accident, a less important result of your efforts. Whatever your motivation for exercising more, as we all know, how we feel we look is almost more important than how we actually look! Body confidence comes from being healthy, inside and out. You feel good? You look good! I can guarantee that adding activity into your day will make you feel (and look) your absolute best!

5. You will have an army of new friends to hang out with. What a drag. (NOT!)

I have met some absolutely amazing people through building a life and career based around health and fitness, if you need more convincing, see this post here. The community vibe is truly awesome and there is always something going on! A group workout, an event… take Lorna Jane’s ‘Active Nation Day’ coming up on the 27th Sept for example, all over the world groups of badass men and women, getting together to have a laugh and get active! Brilliant!

So basically what I’m saying is… If you want to sleep terribly, feel sluggish and lethargic, gain and hold onto excess body fat, constantly feel run down and catch more than your fair share of colds and niggles, oh and miss out on meeting some awesome individuals… then you should definitely NOT be exercising! 😉

// Photo of me and the lovely Adrienne by Pierre Maelzer ||| c l i c k t h e p h o t o |||

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