So this is pretttty darn exciting!! If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed a certain piece of arm candy, permanently attached to my wrist?! Introducing the M I S F I T S H I N E…

For racing and when I’m in serious triathlete mode, or just need a little more data for example, I do love my Garmin 910XT Multi-sport watch… However, it does come with a couple of drawbacks. For example, it’s bloody huge!! It also needs charging every couple of days! Because of this, you can’t wear it as a watch and definitely wouldn’t wear it anywhere other than during your training sessions! Enter… the Misfit Shine…

Perfect for the newbie triathlete, it tracks all your activity, from walking, running, swimming, tennis, basketball, yoga, football, dancing… you name it! If you’re moving, you can bet your ass that your shine is tracking it! It even tracks your sleep!! This was a revelation for me as I’m a complete sleep hound and I’m permanantly looking for ways to optimize my zzzz’s… Now I can set my alarm so that I get woken up by a certain time but more importantly, only when I am sleeping super lightly! Minimising that zombie like state I find myself in when I’m woken from a deep slumber!

This is me at the top of Black Combe Mountain on a recent trip to the Lake District…

And here is what my shine had to say about things!

Almost 25k steps!!! (I also S M A S H E D my goal for the day!) It’s brilliant how, even if you’re not one for facts and figures and prefer to train by feel, something like the Misfit Shine can give you some info on how you’re doing without shoving endless figures and graphs in your face that figuring out is almost as challenging as the training itself!! It’s a great motivator and I absolutely L O V E the idea of Fitness Professionals using the Misfit F L A S H as a super inexpensive way to track their clients (thanks Adrienne!)!

The lovely folks at Misfit are giving one of you guys the chance to win a Misfit S H I N E of your own! All you have to do is;

1 // Follow both myself (@hayleyjanefitness) abd @misfituk on Instagram

2 // Repost this image using the hashtag #breaktheloopgiveaway tagging both myself and @misfituk in the caption! Super easy peasy!

The lucky winner will be picked next week and posted up on Instagram!

Good luck & S H I N E on!

// This giveaway is sponsored by Misfit however all opinions are very much my own!

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