Welcome to the second instalment of our B R E A K T H E L O O P Christmas Gift Guides. today we’re sharing some awesome gift ideas for under one hundred pounds. Some items functional, some more frivolous, all definitely wish list worthy!

1 . Coccoon Backpack – If your man (or woman) is a bit of a tech nerd then this bag is for them! Just look at all those compartments for wires, plugs and bits and bobs that normally float around haphazardly in the deep dark pit that is your bag. Cocoon backpacks look super stylish and I think are really reasonably priced too.

2 . Hibiki Whiskey (17 year old) – Ok so this is a lot of money to spend on booze but for the discerning whiskey lover in your life it may well make the perfect gift. Something that they wouldn’t necessarily splash out on for themselves but would enjoy, especially now during the cold, dark winter months.

3 . Mophie Powerstation X3 – Slightly more practical but again, if your partner is a tech lover they will appreciate the super slim credit card type design and let’s face it, who doesn’t find themselves without charge at least once every single day! (There’s also great Black Friday deals on this, right now!)

4 . Le Labo ‘The Noir 29’ Perfume Oil – We all want to smell good and just check out that packaging! I’m such a sucker for branding!

5 . Cashmere BeanieDelicious soft warm cashmere enveloping your head and ears. Need I say more?!

6 . Mahabis Classic Slippers – Ok I’m seeing the theme here but I can’t help it, it’s cold outside and unless you have carpets or underfloor heating, keeping your feet toasty and snug is of high priority in winter. These mahabis are designed brilliantly with removable soles so that you can nip out in them if you need. (I’m looking at you dog owners!)

7 . Diptique Candle Set in ‘Feu De Bois’ and ‘Ambre’ – Feu De Bois is literally my favourite winter time candle and I can’t imagine that pairing it with a deep Amber scent would be anything less than heavenly! Think Christmas spices and roaring fires.

8 . Once Upon A Run Drop Crotch Joggers – How cool are these? They come in a range of colours and you will definitely want to check out the rest of their range of cool sportswear luxe items.

9 . FRENDS ‘Layla’ Headphones £99.95 – They’ll double as ear muffs?! (Jokes) I don’t know about you but I’m getting bored of the earache brought on by having small buds shoved into my ears for anything more than 30 minutes. These FRENDS headphones are a super cool way to combat that. (There’s also 25% off today via the link above!)

10 . Misfit Shine 2 Activity and Sleep Tracker – The misfit shine has been one of my favourite gadgets of 2015 and after attending the launch for the Shine 2 and learning about some of the features, it’s definitely on my list! It has a vibrate feature that links to your phone to be used as an alarm or to notify you of messages, calls etc. It’s also link enabled so you can also do smart things like take a selfie with it and LOADS more! As a leetle extra christmas treat for you, if you order online from, use my code HAYLEY for a 20% discount! 

11 . Aesop Random Selection; ‘Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste‘, ‘B & Tea Balancing Toner‘ & ‘Hydrating Spray‘ (The spray is perfect for if you work at home and need a spritz of something to revive the senses. – In love with these products, also, did I mention I’m a sucker for packaging? These guys have nailed it! Mix and match to find the selection that suits you best. (20% off today via the links above!)

12 . Charlotte Tilbury Contour Palette I don’t wear much makeup but what I do wear has to be great quality and obviously, look good! This palette is probably the best contour set I’ve ever tried. It also lasts forever! Well worth the splurge.

Hope this is helpful!

Happy shopping!

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