So last night saw me take on the streets of London in a race against the clock and myself, filming for an exciting little project put together by Julian Love and team. We braved the crazy winds and cold to sprint up and down ramps, stairs, across bridges and in and out of subways. For those that love the gritty concrete look and feel of city running you should definitely check out the Northbank, near St Paul’s Cathedral and around that area. It’s much quieter than the Southbank and is full of little passages, stairways, nooks and crannies… Terrains that will challenge you mentally, hello well hidden steps! As well as physically, i.e. there is almost as much up-and-down as there is flat, depending on your route of course! During the course of the 4 hour shoot I ran about 7 miles, which paired with my little lunchtime run yesterday brought me up to a total of about 9 miles for the day! More than I’ve ran in a while if I’m honest and it was extra helpful training wise due to the interval style nature of it! My knees were feeling it a touch by the end but that’s to be expected when most of the shoot involves sprinting up or more specifically down hill!

My only bit of advice if you’re heading out? Wrap up warm! The wind howls down off the Thames and into each little alley around there and you will be sweating, even if you feel like you’re not! My new Adidas beanie was the ONE and kept my head lovely toasty and warm, thanks to the fleece lining! I would highly recommend it as a little pre Christmas present to yourself or that special athlete in your life!

Now, I figure that seeing as I’m still probably in a calorie deficit from yesterday (Shhh.. don’t argue!) then I might as well go and treat myself to brunch with my love!

Have a brilliant Sunday my lovelies!

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