Week two was intense and amazing! We were in every day for two sessions a day, 2 hours in the morning and 1 to 2 in the afternoon, brilliant! I felt super strong by the end of the week, like I could have done more and more… and more! Even though I knew that what my body actually needed was a weekend of rest and recovery! I struggle with rest days (especially when I’m training well!), not because I don’t like lazing around, trust me, I do! It’s just that my pet hate is training like a beast, feeling super strong and then taking a rest day or two and feeling like an unfit, uncoordinated lump on my first couple of days back! So frustrating! Reminding me again how annoyingly all-or-nothing I am! Anyway, I had an intervals session planned in with my coach and running buddies on the Saturday morning which rounded off my week of training, I then took the rest of the weekend off as instructed.

So fitness wise everything feels like it’s changing, in a great way. Appearance wise I guess it’s a little slower going, to my own eyes especially. I do know that I’ve changed though from where I was at the beginning of week 1, the top half of my body especially so. The bottom half however is being a stubborn ass! Pun intended! I’m hopeful that it will catch up soon enough if I just keep up the training load and keep a watchful eye on my calorie intake.

Still absolutely loving the process and really excited about hitting Tri camp in May in peak physical condition. Despite my tri training dropping off the radar just due to not enough hours in the day / week. I’m hoping (and have been assured by my coach!) that the strong core and fitness foundation that I’m currently building will be enough to see me swim, bike and run back into triathlon with ease!

Due to being slightly *cough cough* behind schedule, it’s now Monday (Week 4!), so a recap of Week 3 will be up in the next couple of days to get things back on track, timeline wise!

Hope you’re all having a brilliant week!

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