Palazzo Avino Amalfi Coast

Palazzo Avino, the perfect luxury hideaway, nestled high up on the edge of the stunning Amalfi coastline. I stayed here for just under a week and felt like it definitely deserved a mention on the blog. The rooms aren’t huge, but you will get that all over Ravello, and the surrounding areas most probably. They’re still a good size and you can request when booking to take one of the larger rooms… 216 is lovely! Or if you really want to flash the cash you could opt for one of their most plush suites.

As you might expect prices are fairly steep with regards to food and room service however the breakfast at Palazzo Avino was one of the best I’ve ever had and it was included in the room price, furthermore for 12 euros you can have it all brought up to your room in the morning if you’d prefer a bit of privacy. I would recommend taking it outside at least once though, the views off the restaurant terrace are simply beautiful – sunglasses definitely required.

They have a small but fully functional gym set in the grounds, sea facing. Much needed to burn off all the pastries you will probably (most definitely) be inhaling!

As well as the gym they have a small heated pool, it’s not ideal for doing laps but still worth a mention and definitely more than enough for a quick dip on a baking hot Italian Summers day!

The spa is lovely and quiet and even if you don’t book any treatments a mixture of the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi baths are more than enough to leave you feeling refreshed and reenergised! Don’t forget to enjoy endless cups of their herbal tea, guaranteed to make you feel super healthy and virtuous! No need to dwell on the carb fest that awaits you as soon as the sun goes down…

On the subject of jacuzzi’s, don’t forget about these two situated on the roof! They stay open till 9pm although you may be able to twist their arm to keep them open for longer! My recommendation? Indulge! Order a bottle of something bubbly (or take your own and just ask for a bucket of ice and some glasses!) up to the roof and watch the sun go down and the Amalfi Coast light up, villa by villa.

For all you digital nomads out there, Palazzo Avino and Ravello in general probably isn’t the best location for you with wifi and 3G being sketchy at best. On a rare day off I ordered coffee and sat down in the bar laptop at the ready, all inspired to get some blogging done and then spent the next 30 minutes trying to load the page. It’s a feature of most of the hotels though so there’s not much for it but to accept it as one of Amalfi’s little quirks or plan ahead and take your own portable hotspot! A few people had these and they worked brilliantly for everything from FaceTime to sending / downloading large files and whatever else you may need.

For all you fitness fanatics out there, you can’t visit Ravello and not include some stair repeats into your regime! If you head left out of Palazzo Avino walk for just for a minute and you will come across a nice long set of stairs on your right hand side. They make for the perfect short, sharp and sweaty interval workout. We walked down and ran up – as many times as you’d like or can manage.

As for restaurants the stand out favourite has to be The Garden! We ate there twice, once for Robin’s birthday and then again for mine. The sea bass was SO good, as was the calamari. Both times we just ordered a whole bunch of things to share and we weren’t disappointed, they have a good wine list as well, always important!

A little tip regarding food – If in doubt, the seafood is always a safe bet in Ravello!

I think that’s it for now before I bore you to death! In summary Ravello is a gorgeous little place and well worth a visit! It has serious Como vibes going on and a little timeless Italian luxury is never a bad thing in my book!

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