We finally popped our KO BOX cherry and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! For anyone that loves a serious sweat fest of a workout combined with trainers that push you not only to work hard but to also use technically correct movements, KO BOX is for you! I have dabbled with Muay Thai, in fact for two years it was pretty much the only training I did, it’s awesome for anyone thinking of giving it a go. Anyway, whilst I am stupidly out of practice and currently kick like a dying bambi on ice, it still completely grinds my gears when you go to a ‘kick boxing’ or ‘martial arts’ class that encourages you to punch and kick with little respect to how its actually supposed to be done. That’s how people get injured!! Plus it looks ridiculous! Gahh!

Where was I? KO BOX, right… You start either on a bag or on the wall, at a numbered station. From here on in you are at the mercy of the trainers with killer 4 minute rounds of combinations on the bag alternating with rounds of strength and conditioning exercises on the floor. You will buddy up when on the floor giving it an added social aspect, great if you’re new to the area and looking to meet potential new workout buddies! Also let’s face it, sometimes we all need that added bit of encouragement that you only really get from working out with others.


You can sign up at www.kobox.com and book the first timers introductory offer of two classes plus KO BOX branded wraps for £25. This is a brilliant offer considering classes are normally £20 each and the wraps cost £10. I must admit I still find it crazy to pay so much money for an hour of training, that you could probably get at some spit and sawdust ‘proper’ boxing gym for less than £100 per month for an unlimited amount of sessions however, I massively enjoyed this workout and if I was brand new to boxing or felt intimidated by the thought of training with a load of actual fighters, then KO BOX would be a great alternative. You can book blocks of sessions and get a slight discount but still be prepared for it to leave a mighty hole in your bank account.


It’s for anyone who likes to work up a serious sweat whilst getting a whole body workout. Go there when you’ve had a rough week and need to let out some pent up stress and aggression (because hitting people in the face is generally frowned upon). Go there when you’re in dire need of an endorphins hit and a personal reminder that you are in actual fact, a badass! Despite the steep price I will be going back, just every now and again instead of every other day – as I would like!

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