Photos By Julian Love


So most of you (that know me) know that I’m a somewhat reluctant runner. I mean, I enjoy it (most of the time) but I will also find every excuse under the sun to actually get out of doing it! When I used to live North I would run intervals with my coach and a bunch of friends on a Saturday morning, now that I can get on board with! Not only do I have a ridiculous amount of love for this guy but his sessions are also awesome and the encouragement and camaraderie that comes along with them, makes the pain all worth it! Sadly it’s a bit too much of a trek now to be able to make it a regular thing which means any any attempt at resembling a runner has completely fallen by the wayside!

So when chatting with the lovely Adrienne at That’s My Mum this morning and she mentions starting a little challenge together of completing 5k a day, every day, for the month of August, I was like hell-to-the-yeah! Wait… every single day?!?! (Just kidding!) A bit more chatting and the concept becomes reality!

Come August we will be making it our mission to complete 5k every single day and the kicker? We want you guys to join us! In person, or at distance. For the whole challenge or just the odd run, it’s totally up to you!

We will be using the awesome platform that is Instagram to keep track of all our runs using the hashtags #5kaday along with our own hashtag for example #hayley5kaday. There are no real rules, you can walk the 5km, split it up into intervals, run it, jog it… whatever you need to do, the important thing is that you get ‘er done! We’re planning scenic City routes and awesome track based runs, along with the slightly more mundane JFDI type runs that I’m sure will happen at one point or another!

So, who’s up for a run?


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