Open water swimming Mallorca

It’s no secret that it has taken me a while, like a really long while, to become even somewhat comfortable with sea swimming. I will still get out into the ocean and start thinking irrationally about sharks… In lakes it’s other mythical shark-like creatures (but with bigger teeth!) that I am certain are almost about charge up from the depths to get me. Open water swimming Mallorca

I actually have a funny story about one particular little jaunt out to the lake when I got myself in such a tizz before me and a friend realised that we were swimming in water that we could actually stand up in… I wish I was making that up for comedy value but I’m not. I’ll save the longer (funnier) version for another day. All of the above certainly gives me incentive to swim a little faster, that’s for sure! What I’m trying to say is that open water swimming can be a constant mental battle however it’s one that is so worth winning. Focus on those deep regular breaths, focus on your stroke mechanics, think about how amazing and empowering it is that you traversing the ocean with ease, the added buoyancy from salt water helping no end, of course.

I never in a million years imagined that I would one day consider myself a swimmer however here we are, after countless hours of trying, failing, trying again… and again, countless hours of patience, guidance and wisdom from those in-the-know, I definitely feel part nemo.

I was lucky enough to get my travelling fix by heading to Mallorca last weekend with my girls Adrienne, Phoebe, Natasha & Tara (and respective partners) and despite coming down with a stinking cold, the minute I saw the ocean I was itching to dive (run / bomb – we all know I can’t dive!) straight in. The water around Port de Pollenca was beautiful, warmer than the pool and super clear so me and Tash decided to swim, rather than walk, to our chosen spot…

I mean, if you’re going to do some sea swimming, this is the place to do it.

open water swimming mallorca

Open water swimming Mallorca

Open water swimming Mallorca
Open water swimming Mallorca







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