Mallorca Sunset

Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful sunset as the one we were treated to in Mallorca last week…

Sometimes, when the situation calls, you just gotta dance half naked on a beach at sunset.

Beach BumBeach Bum

Mallorca Sunset Red Agency London

To be honest I was really surprised by the Island in general, the terrain and just how beautiful a place it really is! They have it all… Mountains, palm trees, beautiful beaches, lots of lush green everywhere! I’m not sure what I was expecting but it honestly blew me away a little bit. Port de Pollenca itself is beautiful but definitely not somewhere to visit if your looking for nightlife or a busy vibe – head to Palma if that’s more your jam. I would say the average age range in Port de Pollenca is 50+ but this could have also been due to the fact that we visited in the late season. It’s worth noting though that you can drive end to end of the island in 45 minutes (or less) so whatever you’re in the mood for, you can easily make it happen! Our stunning Clickstay villa was situated inland a little, midway between Alcudia and Port de Pollenca and we loved the location, super close to civilisation but far enough away that we could truly relax and enjoy our Wood and Luxe led yoga sessions in peace.

There was also a lot of rather tired but happy looking Ironmen (and women) wandering around after IM Mallorca that happened literally the day we arrived on the Island! Shame I didn’t get to cheer on any of those amazing athletes, including my friend Pat who absolutely smashed it out there, by the way!! SO close to sub 10… what a hero!!

I’ll be sharing more from our trip over the next couple of weeks but I can safely say I will be going back to Mallorca again… Maybe I’ll even be leaving as an Iron(wo)man… who knows!

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