20 Blog Post Ideas for New Bloggers blogging

Blogging can be tough, especially when you first start out. There’s no fanfare, no audience (or so it feels) and so you slave away at each and every post only to underwhelmingly release it into the blogosphere, watching tumbleweed blow across your analytics. For even the reptilian like thick skinned amongst us, this can be tough and it can even put people off blogging all together. Well, as someone who has started and (modestly) grown two blogs, I can honestly say that as with most things, consistency is king. Keep plugging away, keep being honest, keep writing, keep blogging, keep engaging with your peers and the readers will come, I can promise you that. For anyone that feels like they’re hitting a brick wall of inspiration, I have created a little treat for you. Something that will hopefully help with getting those creative juices flowing!

The trick to blogging well and creating good content is providing value, what do you know that others might not? For example, you might be a born and bred Londoner however your reader (your next 20 readers!) might be a brand new expat or tourist. So what might they want to read about? I’m going to use little prompts such as this one to create 20 post ideas that will hopefully help to kickstart your creativity!

In no particular order…

  1. Create your bucket list, or 30 before 30 (or 40 before 40 – as is necessary in my case!). It makes great reading as it can inspire others adventures and it will feel great to dream big and write those big fat juicy goals on paper (or screen).
  2. The top 5 brunch spots in your area. Everyone loves brunch! Am I right?!
  3. 5 ways to style… This could be anything from that simple white shirt, to your brand new chest of drawers! I personally love little blogging projects like this and I think your readers will too!
  4. Top date night ideas, you could even make this into a mini series! Episode 1 focusing on totally free dates, you’ll be surprised at the gems you find / come up with! For episode 2 you could share ideas that have a slightly higher price tag / dress code and then the final installation could be a list of those all out super splurge, but oh-so-worth-it date ideas!
  5. Best places to workout in your area. You could compile a top 5 list or you could review each one individually! Voila, 1 post has now turned into 5!
  6. A what’s in my bag / gym bag post – Share any items that you can’t live without.
  7. Set yourself a challenge of creating a delicious healthy meal with whatever you currently have in the fridge and cupboard! This one can be fun, satisfying and it involves minimising waste! Boom! (No cheating though!)
  8. An oldie but a goodie… Do an instagram round up! Who should we be following?
  9. Do you work from home? Share some of your own tips and tricks on how to get the very best out of your day! This will be awesome for newbie freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. I know I could have done with reading this a while back! In fact I think I actually wrote something similar here.
  10. Write an open and honest letter to your teenage self. This can be incredibly cathartic and can actually provide a great view of just how far you’ve come! (You’re a badass and don’t forget it!) It has the double whammy effect of also potentially inspiring a teenager out there who is struggling with exactly the same issues you were! Life is funny how it tends to work like that!
  11. Write about your morning routine, these posts are super popular right now!
  12. Compile a list of your favourite apps. Might as well admit it, we’re all hooked into our tech 24/7 and I don’t know about you but I have apps that I would genuinely be lost without (I’m looking at you, trusty London Underground app!)!
  13. Shoutout to all of your favourite bloggers & internet idols. It’s nice to be nice and besides all of that that, I for one love finding sites that I might not have otherwise. So get sharing!
  14. Create a playlist, whatever your in the mood for! It could be chill out, something to road trip to (like this one), something to workout to (like this one)… The skies the limit!
  15. This might not appeal to everyone (and as someone who prefers to keep some things private I totally get that) but you could share about something you’ve struggled with in your life and how you overcame it. Again you’ll be surprised at how many people out there have been, or are currently in, similar situations.
  16. One of my favourites and something we started with our My London series… Interview another blogger or fellow creative!
  17. Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for. Again, this might feel a bit too personal but I can guarantee you’ll feel really good after writing it! And you’ll probably have broken through that writers block and be ready to tackle some other content too!
  18. Plan your dream trip. This one is fun. When you have finished that you could also make a little financial plan of how you might pay for it. (Slightly less fun but necessary nonetheless!)
  19. Host a giveaway! You get to create content, give something back to your awesome readers and maybe even potentially entice new readers! Winning!
  20. Plan a staycation. See financial planning above, sometimes that dream trip isn’t quite ready to be a reality just yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘get away’. Planning a staycation can be a much cheaper way of actually feeling like you’ve had a bit of a break and switched off for a day or two. You will also probably get to know bits of your area that you might not have otherwise!

So, I hope you find this list helpful, let me know if you have anything to add to the list!

Also, if you like the list and found it useful then we would be super grateful for any pins, shares or comments! 

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