Corey Learning Patience

Yeowwww! My first ever rock climbing experience finally happened and it was a definite success! Corey is heading off on an epic rock climbing adventure in Austria so this was her chance to test out her knowledge on a newbie like myself (she did awesome, by the way!). Her and the instructor Michael, took me through the process of strapping myself in, tying all the knots correctly and just generally making sure that we were all safe. Then, impatient eager as ever, I was off! I flew up the wall in what would probably be described as the climbing version of ‘three steps at a time’, I landed back on terra firma feeling rather proud of myself only to be gently reminded that I’m actually supposed to be using my legs rather than my upper body to power up the wall. Oh, and that I also missed out about 10 steps. #facepalm

Girl Rock Climbing

Corey Learning Patience

Corey then took to the wall to show me how proper technical climbing was done, rather than my gung ho / slightly clueless approach!

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Once we’d tried a few different things, we were let loose on the ‘big’ wall. I’m not going to lie, I felt slightly nervous! I don’t ‘think’ I’m particularly afraid of heights but it was a long way up! I tried to focus on using the proper technique and form, engaging my legs much more than my arms. Corey tried a slightly tougher route and totally nailed it!

Girl Rock Climbing

Girl Rock ClimbingAll in all a great experience and whilst I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy all the gear anytime soon, I would definitely go again! It’s the perfect addition to a well rounded, fit and healthy lifestyle! This little session actually came in really handy as I was booked for a rock climbing shoot literally a few days later! Can’t wait to show you the finished result!

Hands up who’s been rock climbing?

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