Travel Style Mallorca

There is literally nothing I like better than wandering around a new Country, travel is my absolute favourite indulgence. Add in some of my loved ones – even better. However packing for these trips can sometimes leave you pulling you hair out, especially if you’re hand luggage only! The horror!Travel Style Mallorca

Travel Style Mallorca

Travel Style Mallorca Birkenstocks

Travel Style Mallorca

Top Packing Tips For Stylish Travel

  1. Pack at least one pair of denim shorts. They’re so versatile! You can dress them up for the evening or throw them on with your bikini during the day. They take up no space whatsoever and you can definitely get away with wearing them for at least a few days before they’ll need washing! All hail denim!
  2. You’ll need a good all round pair of sandals. I love my Birkenstocks and as my style is more minimal I’ll happily dress them up, down and sideways! Added bonus is that they’re super comfortable for schlepping around all day and night! If you like a little more bling in your wardrobe, then think bejewelled flats, something comfortable enough to walk around in but that will also complement that fancy frock come night time.
  3. Sunglasses are a necessity when visiting anywhere even slightly sunny. As space is tight, think of your sunglasses as the ultimate accessory! Pick a pair that goes with everything, classic aviators or black framed pairs are always a good option.
  4. Jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are my secret weapon when it comes to packing for travel! Comfortable and easy, an all in one outfit that you don’t have to think about! Most of them can go from morning to night and look both casual enough and dressy enough! I usually have at least two jumpsuits with me, always wide leg and most always from Zara. Hey, I’m nothing if not consistent!
  5. Finally and most importantly, try to make sure that everything you pack matches. That way you can swap and change things around and everything complements everything else. You’re probably rolling your eyes at the screen right now and thinking ‘yeah right like I have the perfect capsule wardrobe just waiting and ready to go’… Don’t worry, none of us do! Slowly though, the more you travel, the more you’ll pick up bits with travel in mind and the more streamlined you’ll find the whole process to be.

The traveling lifestyle isn’t for everyone but we’re incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that we get to travel (see here, here & here just to name a few), especially with everything that’s going on in the world. Definitely no taking it for granted here!

Do you have any tips to add to this list? If you found it helpful don’t forget to pin, share or comment! We’ll think you’re awesome forever, if you do! (Ok fine, we already think you’re awesome but we’d still love you to spread the word!)

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