Shout out to all my fellow freelancers, entrepreneurs, girl bosses & digital nomads! I don’t know about you guys but I struggle to work (well) unless conditions are pretty much perfect! You know, fresh pot of coffee – just brewed. Clean and tidy desk (speaking of which…). Something inspirational to look at, you get the idea. I love our (sort-of-new) space, really I do! However I still haven’t found that sweet spot with my workspace and end up moving around multiple times per day because I’m just not feeling it!

If you follow us on Pinterest (you totally should!) then you’ll know that I have a whole board dedicated to lust-worthy workspaces so I thought I’d share with you, a few of my favourites.

In no particular order;

1 | How gorgeous is the workspace featured above? Light optional but very much needed! I would switch out the stool for something a little comfier and maybe add in a couple of rugs…



2 | How about this for organisation? This peg board is perfect for all you crafters out there, or really anyone with a million little bits and bobs that tend to take over your desk and ruin any feeling of zen.




3 | So, this would never work for me, nowhere near enough room! However, if your in a bit of a pinch space wise and your desk has to double as an entryway table or similar, then I think it should definitely look a little something like this… Tres chic! It makes me miss my black wall in my old apartment.




4 | Anyone that knows me, knows I love nothing more than a good vision board. I believe in the magic of manifestation and think that a goal not visualised is not actually a goal at all. If you have the space to actually map out your biggest goals and plans, with pathways in between and little actionable prompts and immediate tasks? Well, even better!

Home Story



5 | When looking at any space the first thing I usually comment on, is the light. It’s no surprise to me that so many people suffer with SAD, the lack of bright light kills me and my motivation faster than you can say ‘turn-on-the-lights’. This bright, sunny space wouldn’t look out of place in my dream Californian bungalow. I’m envisioning this desk facing out onto a gorgeous little seating area with two inwards facing couches, then beyond that, double doors that open up right onto the beach. Hey, a girl can dream…



Now that I’ve written this, I should probably get back to sorting out my own workspace so that I can actually get some work done today!

All of the above images were found via pinterest and each link took me back to random tumblr sites and blogs written in foreign languages so apologies for the lack of direct credits! If anyone does know the owner of these images, feel free to comment and let me know! To see more of what we love on Pinterest, click here.

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