christmas gift guide for her 2016

It’s almost that time of year again… Love it or hate it, the festive season and all that it entails will soon be upon us! I personally love it, the opportunity to hunker down with loved ones and spend time doing all the things you love, without guilt or the lingering fear of  an inbox slowly growing out of control. One of my favourite traditions, probably one of the first that I adopted as a fully fledged adult *cough cough*, is the Christmas day bike ride. All bundled up (hopefully in some swanky new kit from Santa!), super quiet roads and one helluva lot of food to prepare for / burn off. Now that’s not because we’re counting calories or anything drastic like that! Oh no, this is purely so that you can come back home, fully ready to enjoy round two, or three, or four…

If the idea of buying presents filled you with dread then there’s a myriad of gift guides popping up all over the web, here’s our first offering… Christmas gift ideas for her.


1 | Celine Knot Bracelet

2 | Uniqfind Marble Laptop Skin

3 | Happy Plugs Marble

4 | Ohhio Large Merino Blanket

5 | A.P.C Half moon Bag

6 | Le Labo Santal 33

7 | Janessa Leone Wool Felt Hat ‘Aya’

8 | In The Company of Women by Gracey Bonney

9 | LIV x Giant City Bike 

10 | Olympus Pen EPL7 

11 | Diptyque Candle ‘Feu de Bois’

Keep your eyes peeled for our next gift guide, specially curated for the men in your life!

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