2016 | A ROUND UP

Travel Style Mallorca 2016

Grab a cup of tea and get comfy. Here’s a round up of all our (blogging) best bits from 2016…

A trip with friends to the beautiful Island of Mallorca… I have found a whole bunch people that I can be truly, unapologetically myself with, no easy feat in todays appearance-driven world. They’re awesome, supportive, creative and downright hilarious, we had the best time and I’m so excited for more adventures in 2017.

Paloma Beach South of France

We spent 3 weeks driving around Italy and the South of France, first spending some time at a triathlon camp with my faves…

Les Rosees Hotel Mougins


Before enjoying some total relaxation time at the most gorgeous little bolt hole in the South of France, Les Rosees – we absolutely loved it there, I can’t even tell you! If you’re looking for somewhere gorgeous to stay, read this, then book your trip, you won’t be sorry.

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger

We shared this long and super honest post about the rise of the ‘Influencers’ and it really helped to shift my perspective on writing and sharing on this little space of ours and in general really. I am known for being brutally honest and it’s something that I really have to think about when sharing things with a wider audience.


In ridiculously exciting news Dan was not only nominated for two Emmy’s but he also actually went and bloody won one! For a film that he poured a lot of his time, energy and expertise into, Tashi & The Monk. Very well deserved accolade for the talented team of people involved. It’s a great story and has a heartwarming message, if you haven’t already, go watch it!

The Devils Horsemen

The Devils Horsemen

Earlier on this year I spent the best part of 5 months training and filming for a small role in Wonder Woman, I haven’t been able to talk about it for obvious reasons but it was one of the most awesome / all consuming life experiences to date. I miss those days and those people, a lot, I also miss the abs that I gained in the process of becoming an on screen warrior.

Wedding in Les Gets

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger Climbing Col de Joux Plane

Mid-2016 we took a sneaky week off and hit the Alps to watch my gorgeous friends get married. It was the most beautiful celebration and with a wedding party of only 35 people, it had the perfect, close-knit family vibe. In between the festivities we also managed to squeeze in a couple of epic rides, all this despite the most monstrous hangover I have experienced in years. (Can you do it all again next year please, guys?!)

There have been so many awesome parts to this year but I don’t want to bore you all to tears as I sit here going down the rabbit hole of nostalgia. I hope that 2016 was everything you wished and worked for and that 2017 will be even better still.

See you on the flip side, friends.

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