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I was lucky enough to spend a fair bit of time abroad last year, over 7 weeks total in Italy from combined work trips and vacation time, all of that along with trips to France, Mallorca and Copenhagen to really round out the year. I absolutely love, love love to travel and know how lucky I am to have a life that allows such opportunities, I don’t take it for granted and as well as writing out this travel wishlist I’m also working hard so that 2017 will also see lots of adventures with my loved ones (Yep, we even travel with our dogs!).

Italy | France – I hope, if everything pans out as it should, that we will be back in Italy and France for three weeks in May. Bikes and dogs in tow for a fortnight of triathlon madness and then onto a short week of relaxation and catching up with friends in the South of France. This little trip is becoming somewhat of a yearly tradition and I am so, so happy about that fact.

Croatia – There is also a little trip to Croatia planned in April with my fave girls and our men, too! Our trip to Mallorca last year was out of this world good, (despite me having a stonking cold for most of it) so I can’t wait to hop back on a plane for a few days of fun, sweat and laughter with them all.

Los Angeles – We have both been here multiple times before but we have been threatening to take a long trip out there to scope out work opportunities and seriously see if we could consider applying for visas and hopping the pond. It’s a much bigger ask financially & logistically – especially with having three furkids at home so who knows if it will happen this year or not but it’s definitely up there on our travel to do list.

Canada – I have, probably fairly unrealistic, visions of us camping on the side of mountains, snuggled in sleeping bags with fresh coffee made over a campfire, enjoyed whilst overlooking those breathtakingly blue lakes…  Never mind that the other half of BTL absolutely cannot stand camping – I’m hopeful that with enough fancy kit and navigational toys, as well as the lure of the manly task of making fire and fending off bears and what not, will help to persuade him otherwise. Canada has been on my fantasy travel wishlist for a while now, I’m looking forward to finally making it a reality.

Sri Lanka – I would absolutely love to visit Sri Lanka in 2017, unfortunately flights cost an arm and a leg. I’m popping it on this list anyway… Universe, are you listening? Surfing, kayaking, wake-boarding, scuba-diving, swimming… Sri Lanka’s gorgeous coast line is where it’s at. Also, despite it’s size Sri Lanka remains one of the top 5 biodiversity hotspots, in the world – pretty impressive huh?  There are a wealth of gorgeous places to stay, Chena Huts in Yala are top of our list, perfect for enjoying the beaches and all the wildlife that South Sri Lanka has to offer.

Sardinia – Despite it being relatively close, neither me or Dan have ever been here and after glowing reviews from friends, we’re aiming to try and make it out there for a short break at some point later in the year.

If all of these trips happen I will be one very happy little travel and lifestyle blogger! Hell, if even one of them happens I’ll still be thanking my lucky stars!

Here’s to a 2017 filled with travel and off-the-beaten-track adventure. Where’s on your travel wishlist this year? are you hoping to go this year?

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