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Being a lifestyle blogger, any kind of blogger in fact, in todays digital age is a lot more work than I think people realise. It’s no longer solely about your blog, now there are multiple platforms to think about, each of them requiring you to create different content and use slightly different tactics. The way content is consumed has also radically changed, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, we scroll fast and skim read even faster, taking in how much of the carefully created content, I wonder?

So, is it worth it to spend hours and hours poring over every detail, only to have it consumed in seconds and potentially forgotten in minutes?

I still want to strive for quality, engaging content and it’s my hope that things aren’t forgotten quite as quickly as I’m cynically claiming a few lines up. However, I do think the time is now for less overthinking, less agonising over silly little details that really, no-one at all will notice and instead lots more sharing. I have to hold my hand up and admit to sometimes wanting my content to be so perfect that I end up driving myself mad and never sharing anything at all. In todays fast paced world that pretty much means being left behind, I’m sorry to say. There is pressure there but it’s about managing your expectations of yourself and if it’s something you still want to do then I think you have to be a ‘little’ less precious with it all. Now, I know I’m over simplifying and over generalising here but I think you get the gist.

The lovely Tara (my favourite fellow overthinking, perfectionist) shared this video with me and whilst it is perhaps a bit much in parts (I mean who really thinks we should be instagramming 6 times per day?!), one thing that really stuck with me is that in order to share the amount of content that you need to be sharing to stay relevant and more importantly stay consistent, the trick is to simply document what’s happening in your life as opposed to creating these elaborately staged ‘perfect’ moments.

Document it, don’t create it.

That really clicked in my mind, a proper eureka moment.

Whilst I know that I will always be a bit of a perfectionist 2017 is definitely the year of more doing, more documenting, more sharing, even more honesty and way less overthinking and striving for that elusive perfection. Who’s with me?

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