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Ahh looking for interior inspiration is one of my most favourite procrastination tools! I’m fairly certain that the most fun part about eventually (hopefully) owning our own home will for sure be the renovating / redecorating process. I have fairy strong opinions on matters such as these so I’m thankful that both halves of Break The Loop share similar tastes! Our main criteria is to find a property in a good location with some character and great light everything else is negotiable and also changeable, if we’re willing to get creative – and bring in hard hat wearing reinforcement.

Even though we haven’t yet found our property, it hasn’t stopped me from scouring pinterest to gather inspiration for when it comes to styling the place out. I have tried to keep at least one toe in reality with the following photos and I’m also fully aware that the house we do find could actually end up dictating the overall style but hey, just indulge me a little…

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger Kitchen Inspiration

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger Home Interior inspiration

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger Interior Inspiration

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger's workspace inspiration

Hayley Warnes Lifestyle Blogger Bathroom interior inspiration

The general gist of it is making what will potentially be a smaller than preferred space look as big as possible, using white on the floors and most of the walls. We really want to combine minimal with cosy, so will probably (hopefully) end up with something quite Scandinavian luxe with lots of natural materials and greenery. It’s not particularly groundbreaking in terms of style but we both work well in simple, calm spaces and as we’re both planning on setting up studio spaces at home, this has to be taken into consideration. So although I do love the use of colour in homes of the likes that enjoy year round Californian sun, they just don’t tend to have quite the same appeal when transplanted to slightly grey London. I also love that when you have quite a simple, neutral backdrop you can switch out muted or colourful pieces as you wish to quickly and relatively cheaply change the vibe of a place.

What does your dream home look like? Go wild!

All images from my Pinterest board House | To Call A Home which you can find here.

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