Hayley Warnes Long Run Essentials

I’ve been having a bit of writers block recently, whilst I’m sure that the world wide web really doesn’t give a flying f***, it has been driving me utterly mad. It’s what I do, it’s what I want to be known for and I’m extremely lucky in that I’m most definitely the Captain of my own ship, schedule wise. Meaning, I have the luxury of time – also meaning, I have no excuse. I should be busting out well thought out, 1000 word content pieces at least bi weekly. Or, that’s what the voice inside my head is relentlessly telling me, which of course just cements that dreaded writers block a little more firmly with each rallying cry.

I have always hoped that this little space of ours is more than just somewhere to fill with meaningless drivel however the time has come to just write something – anything! I know I’ll be back in the swing of things pretty much as soon as I’ve hit publish, that’s just the way it works.

Thankfully a lovely instagram follower, Steph (@stephie_kxoxo) asked me to post about what I carry when I get those long run ‘s in – perfect timing, especially seeing as I’ll be doing more and more of them over the next 7 weeks as the 2017 London Marathon draws closer and closer!

So here it is, a list of things I have with me when doing 12 / 13 miles or more…

Hydration pack – This is actually Dan’s as my Camelbak is in the wash. I used to get it ripped out of me for taking my camelbak on long rides, loving that I’m finally getting a valid excuse to use it again! Ha! I either fill it with water or High5 energy source. I’m trying to get used to just gels and water though as that’s most likely what I’ll have on the big day.

Gels – These do take some getting used to so I would definitely recommend practicing with them sooner rather than later. If you’re not a fan of the super thick, gooey gels – opt for something isotonic instead. It basically means that it has added water, much easier to drink and you’re topping up hydration levels as you go. I also love High5 gels, I’ve been using the caffeine gels recently purely because I ran out of the standard ones but I would warn that if you suffer with an upset tummy when running, you might want to steer clear of gels with added caffeine.

Phone / Credit Card / Inhaler – Obviously that last one is specific to me but whatever you need to stay safe and well, should be with you. I don’t use an ID tag and writing this post has reminded me that I should probably look for one!

Earphones – These wireless earphones (BackBeatFIT by Plantronics) are awesome! I’ve never really ran with headphones partially because they annoyed me and also because I thought it built more mental strength to run without music. Well, I’m now older and wiser (read – softer) and anything to help get me through those miles.

Food (Something solid) – When I know I’m attempting a new distance I tend to carry something solid with me, just in case I get desperate / completely bonk. It’s not happened yet, touch wood but these Love Raw bars are great, long run or no long run!

That’s pretty much it, I think!

What do you carry when heading out on those long runs? Also, who’s loving / hating / surviving marathon training? We’re in this together, just 7 weeks to go!

Update – Read how I got on here & here



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