Adidas x Fashionable Fit Studio Stockholm

International Women’s Day saw an impromptu trip to snowy Stockholm for myself, Adrienne and AJ, to celebrate the launch of a friends studio. The lovely Hannah Anderson of Fashionable Fit has teamed up with another of my favourite brands Adidas, to launch a super cool fit studio space. Her and a select team of badasses will be running Fashionable Fit bootcamps throughout the year with a focus on a variety of skill and strength based workouts – whatever your fitness jam, there will be something for everyone.

It’s no easy feat to get the point that Hannah is at and she deserves some major props, talk about girl boss vibes! She is definitely one of the worlds ‘doers’ and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for the future…

Adidas x Fashionable Fit Studio Stockholm

AJ Odudu, Adrienne Herbert, Hannah Anderson & Hayley Jane Warnes

Adidas x Fashionable Fit Studio Stockholm

Hayley Jane Warnes Pullups in Adidsa X Fashionable Fit studio Stockholm

Adidas x Fashionable Fit Studio Stockholm

Adidas x Fashionable Fit Studio Stockholm

It was the perfect way to ring in IWD 2017, not only celebrating another’s success but also sweating it out with a bunch of awesome women from another part of the world. I truly believe that as women, part of our strength is in the bonds that we can create with fellow females. Now more than ever, we should be climbing walls and traveling across oceans to collaborate and learn from one another.

The future is most definitely female, sorry boys.

Tell me in the comments, how have you celebrated another women’s success recently? If it’s been a while, take a moment today to shout about someone else’s wins. We all need it every now and again and sometimes all it takes is a little physical / mental support from one of our sisters to help us truly flourish. 

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