I'm hiking the Camino Trail

It’s time for my next adventure! (Who doesn’t love a little last minute excitement?!) On Thursday I’ll be heading off to Northern Spain with G Adventures and a group of bloggers to hike the Camino Trail – Camino De Santiago. I first heard of this pilgrimage over 10 years ago whilst reading everything I could get my hands on by Paulo Coelho. Despite not being religious (at all!), I would definitely consider myself spiritual so this trek always appealed to me even back then, however it’s not something I thought I would ever get the opportunity to do. As much as I am heading out there to work I plan on trying to unplug as much as possible, I really want to make sure I get the most out of it. Although it’s not something that I shout about, I have suffered with quite bad anxiety over the years and despite coming on leaps and bounds, it is something that I still have to deal with sometimes. I know that taking the time out to do things like this are essential to keeping me on an even keel and moving forwards in the best and healthiest way possible.

We are taking on an 8 day trip and will be covering 100km of the Camino trail from Lugo right through to the finish, Santiago de Compostela.

The packing list looks pretty intense (walking poles anyone?!), especially to someone who doesn’t even own walking boots – or a waterproof jacket for that matter… Anyway, I digress. From what I’ve seen of the schedule, despite the packing list, the activity looks fairly relaxed. The 100km is well spread out over the week and the most ground we will be covering in one day is 25km. My plantar still isn’t right after the marathon so I’m doing lots of icing and rolling and crossing everything that I’m still saying the same thing next week!

If you’re interested, the whole pilgrimage is around 500km and back in the day people made the journey barefoot, carrying everything they needed on their backs. Traditionally they would spend very little money by seeking food and shelter along the route, the locals quite accustomed to giving up their floors and opening up their kitchens most nights. Nowadays whilst people do still do the whole thing in one go, most can’t get the necessary time off work / life so instead they opt to complete the trail section by section, over a few years.

The most exciting part of this post though? G Adventures are giving two of you the chance to experience the Camino Trail for yourselves! All you have to do is head to this page and fill in your details, it’s as simple as that! We’ll be announcing the winners in a few weeks time. Good luck gang!


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