New house in the country

If you follow us on social media you’ll know that we did it!! We have packed our bags, waved goodbye to the big smoke and are now living our own type of country bliss in a new house out in Hertfordshire. (See previous posts talking about the whole house buying process here and here.) We are in the last few days of contract shenanigans before we will finally own our own home. The excitement is very, very real people.

I won’t reveal too much just yet (I’ll save that for the full house tour!) but the house in question is over 120 years old and has some pretty charming features, if I don’t say so myself. It needs a rather hefty facelift, as we knew it would – so we’re frantically saving our pennies and finding the perfect contractors for the job.

We managed to rent a wing (a whole wing, you guys!) of the manor house that sits next to our property and are currently living it up in total luxury – it’s going to be a huge shock to the system when we move into our, comparably tiny, fixer upper! I can’t tell you what a difference the change in scenery has made though, we are all (including the fur kids) visibly more relaxed, calmer and happier. Traveling home from London allows for a full on decompression that is worth it’s weight in gold after stressful work days. I’m sat looking out of the window now as I type this post and all I can see is grass and massive trees and sky for days… No smog, no rubbish, just nature. I was worried that I might miss the City, or rather the proximity to things but actually I haven’t missed it at all, if anything I’ve forgotten why I ever wanted to be so close to everything in the first place. I must admit though, as much as it feels pretty remote, we’re hardly out in the sticks, 10 minutes drive and we’re back in London and back on the tube.

Best of both worlds.

I can’t wait to update you guys with more as things progress, expect lots and lots of house DIY stuff around here for the foreseeable. Also, lots of cycling – our new hood is pretty much 100% bike friendly, a far cry from the traffic logged streets of Brixton!

Who lives in the countryside? Would you ever swap it for City life? I think I would struggle to go back after experiencing such calm…

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