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Often we see so much of these incredible people heading off around the world to scale mountains and complete feats of human physical endurance, showcased on Instagram with awe-inspiring vistas – all shot on the latest drone, of course. Whilst I love looking at these accounts (here are a couple of my favourites… Challenge Sophie and Claudi Schroegel) and have such admiration for the people that get out there and create this content and more importantly, create this life for themselves. It can be so far removed from the norm that we almost drive a little metaphorical wedge between us and them, it seems so far out of grasp that we give up the idea of being adventurers ourselves. But, in my eyes, the adventure can start on our own doorsteps! It can be exploring the Cities we live in, cycling a new route, heck, cycling with no map or fixed route – just a pocket full of food (CLIF Bars, in my case!) and a hunger to get some miles in the legs and see some of where we call home, but from a totally new perspective.


CLIF Bar promises to feed our adventure with wholesome ingredients, their products are made sustainably (something that’s so important right now!), using products sourced from reliable and ethical growers. As consumers we can count on their products being free of nasties – that means NO artificial flavouring, NO synthetic preservatives, and NO genetically engineered ingredients. Not only do they taste great, they are a company that is as conscious of the planet as they are of us, the athletes that consume their products.

As part of my collaboration with CLIF, I decided to discover and redefine what adventure means to me. The kind of everyday adventure that you can have, whether you live in the mountains or in the City, or anywhere in between.

I kept an eye on the weather, saw my opportunity for a few hours of sunshine (or at least no rain!) kitted up, packed my jersey pockets with everything I might need and just set off from my house. No fixed plan of where I was going or how far I might go.

Feed Your Adventure with CLIF Bar




  1. An unusual and exciting or daring experience.

Adventure is doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to grow as a person. What is adventurous to some, might not be to others, and that’s ok. We’re all on our own journey, to different destinations, and at wildly varying speeds.

Being a total control freak I normally like to plan my rides out, knowing (at least roughly) how far and to be 100% honest, I rarely ride alone. This has mainly been due to living in inner City London for the past few years, reinforced by my deep dislike of navigating the traffic as well as a fairly lousy sense of direction! But, off I went. It was a freeing, invigorating and fun 3 hours and do you know what, I’ll be doing it, again and again, this Winter. I came home feeling accomplished and although I wasn’t base jumping off cliffs or big wave riding, it was totally good for my soul.

Feed Your Adventure with CLIF Bar

My challenge to you is to find your everyday adventure, use it to help elevate you above the daily grind. Use it to give you life and energy when your schedule dictates repetition and routine. Use it as a stepping stone for bigger things, after all, who knows where that new route or that learn-to-surf day down at Fistral beach will take you.

Tell me, how do you add adventure into your everyday life?

This post is sponsored by CLIF Bar, however, (as always!) all thoughts and opinions are very much my own. (I have been eating CLIF Bars for YEARS so this was the perfect collaboration opportunity!)

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