Get To KNOW A community for creative women

If you’ve been anywhere near my social channels recently, you might have seen me banging on about our new community Get To KNOW, but what actually is it? Who are we and what are we about?


Get To KNOW. A community and resource for creative women worldwide.

Our mission is to build a network of badass women, with big ideas. Whether freelancers, founders, solopreneurs – or not yet any of the above, we know that we can all learn from one another, whatever stage of the journey we’re at.

Get To Know will provide a platform to learn, network, skill swap and grow ideas from that first hit of inspiration right through to profitable and sustainable business.


After years and years of going it alone and figuring this freelance life out for myself – with many, many mistakes along the way, building a platform and community (both IRL and URL) focused on supporting women in biz, has been on my to-do list for a long while now. It’s actually something that we have been talking about for way too long and we knew that if we didn’t just bite the bullet and get started right now, like yesterday, then we probably never would. So… myself, Adrienne and AJ combined forces to create Get To Know.

What it really boils down to is that we wanted to create the kind of inclusive, supportive network that we really needed and wanted when we were starting out on this freelance journey. We want Get To KNOW to be your business bestie on a larger scale. (Why have just one, when you can have hundreds, right?)

Along with monthly events packed to the rafters with creative and inspirational women, we are also aiming to create content that shares not only knowledge but also the stories of countless women who are taking charge and making their dream careers, reality.

If you’ve been to our first few events, I can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on us and I can’t applaud you enough for putting yourself and your ideas out there into the world. We really do want to make our events everything you need them to be so we welcome all feedback, being the perfectionist that I am – they’re currently far from perfect but we’re navigating our way through unfamiliar territories and figuring stuff out, just like all of you.


You can find us here www.wearegettoknow.com – Make sure you sign up to our mailer to be the first to know about all our events and other cool stuff that we have up our sleeves. Just a little note on the mailing list… If you’re not receiving the emails, make sure you check your junk, spam and if you’re on outlook, your ‘others’ folder. If you check there and you’re still not receiving them, holler at us and we’ll do our best to fix it!

We will also be updating the events page as and when we have anything live…

In the meantime, make sure you’re tagging all of your boss images with #wearegettoknow so that we can find you! See you soon!

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