new year, same me

Happy New Year!! Today marks the first day back at work for me! I had a trip with the lovely guys at Next booked in for right after the New Year (blog post coming soon!) so I decided to simply enjoy the experience and not panic that I was getting left behind by taking a few extra days off. Feeling pretty good about that choice, to be honest, it’s given me a few extra days to really get my head in the game and figure out what it is I want out of 2018. Now, I know people are quick to jump on the bandwagon of hating the whole new-year-new-me shebang and whilst I agree that some of it is a bit excessive, mainly the numerous articles and products aimed at weight loss et al. I also think, so what if people want to use the start of a New Year to try and better themselves? Whilst I feel like this year, at the ripe old age of 31, I’m on the right path, I know that a few years back I certainly wanted (and needed) to refocus in a whole different direction, ‘New Year New Me’ style. I personally absolutely love a good fresh start, I find it easy to get overwhelmed with life and all the fairly hefty responsibilities and demands placed on us as adults. Mondays and New Year’s and fresh notebooks, every little fresh start gives me the feeling of hope that this time around I’m going to be better and do better. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail but I wholeheartedly believe in that magic of a new beginning. So, instead of rolling your eyes at the countless people hitting the gym with gusto or filling your social feeds with pictures of healthy food, give them a show of support! Encourage them to keep going and celebrate the wins where appropriate. Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about so just don’t be a d***, ok? Anyway, as I was saying… New Year, same me, slightly different approach.


After struggling quite a bit last year with my mental health, anxiety and the like. Sticking to some simple but healthy and super beneficial habits is a really big goal of mine. Like many of us, I can be my own worst enemy at times, as soon as I feel bad, my motivation to do anything about it, hits an all-time low. Right when I need to be taking action. This year I want to continue what I started last year, making the little things (and the not-so-little things) so ingrained in my day to day that it’s actually harder not to do them – prevention over cure, right? Daily meditation & yoga. Training 5 days per week (whilst still listening to my body). Early to bed, early to rise. Showered and dressed before 8am (freelance life has a lot to answer for). Less scrolling. Less comparing. More flexibility. Just to clarify, I’m definitely not saying that you can cure mental illness by making more effort! However, as someone who has definitely hit rock bottom in the past, I know that by making effort where we can, even if that effort seems minuscule to others, it allows us to feel like we’re taking back control of our lives and ultimately empowers us to make bigger strides, longer term. Regardless of what we’re suffering with, we do all have the power to make a change, however, that change is different for everyone so as I mentioned above… less comparing.  Another big life goal for me is to practice patience. My lack of patience is renowned, it causes me so much stress and can make me hella snappy and irritable when things aren’t going to plan. It’s not a good look. Finally, I’m going to make more of an effort with my friendships/relationships. It’s easy to get complacent and lazy with those you love but when you find those unicorns, you gotta put the work in.


Where do I start? More, more, more! 2018 is the year that I will be relentless. Sure, I’ve been working hard but I have big dreams and unless I switch things up a gear, I’ll be unlikely to reach them as quickly as I’d like. My kryptonite? I get distracted easily and tend to go off on tangents, being freelance means that when that happens, there’s no one here to reign me in and force me back on track. So organisation and sticking to a schedule will be key for 2018. As much as self-care is important and making time for yourself is imperative, the only differences between those that are successful and those that are not are hard work, perseverance, and a really good attitude. This year I want to create content to the best of my ability, all the time, no excuses. I want to put a solid 12 months of work out into the world and then see where I’m at. If a little is good then more must be better, right? Like I said in the title, this is New Year, same me, just with a slightly modified approach.

There are definitely other things I’m trying to work on but these are just the first few things that sprung to mind.

I have set some pretty big goals that I think reflect the changes I’ll be implementing in work volume and creative output. I haven’t yet decided whether I should share them or just keep them for myself…


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