Apple Strudel Energy Balls

All the riding we’ve been doing recently has made me think about how I’m fuelling, I’m a big fan of ‘real food’ – there’s only so many gels you or your stomach, can take. I’m also a fan of simple, quick recipes that mean you spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside, on your bike! Introducing good old apple strudel energy balls. No bake and generally only a few ingredients – all pronounceable and most likely stuff you’ll already have in your cupboards.


These are perfect for a mid-ride energy hit or you can just enjoy at home with a cup of tea.


  • Oats / 1 Cup
  • Ground Almonds / ¼ Cup
  • Almond Butter / ¼ Cup
  • Pecans / 1 Cup
  • Almonds / ½ Cup
  • Apple Sauce / ½ Cup
  • Mixed Seeds / ¼ Cup
  • Dates / 6 Dates
  • Cinnamon / 1 Teaspoon
  • Nutmeg / ¼ Teaspoon
  • Salt / ¼ Teaspoon


  1. Throw all dry ingredients into a food processor, whizz together till all the nuts are ground to the desired size / consistency.
  2. Now add in all wet ingredients and process until a ball of sticky dough forms.
  3. Scrape out, section up and roll into small balls.
  4. Enjoy!

Who else is spending lots of time in the saddle this January? We finally feel a bit more settled here in Hertfordshire and as a result, we’ve been getting out on the bikes, every week without fail. I can finally feel us getting a bit of our old training rhythm back which is a welcome relief!

Also, it helps that as much as it’s pretty flat and grey, it’s actually quite mild temperature wise and the lack of ice means that most days are perfect for getting off the turbo and onto the road. I’m using my bike for marathon training which is maybe a little naughty of me, the long runs will start soon, promise! Although, I think I’ll be testing out the LIV Langma Advanced Pro 0 soon which means it’s going to be even harder to tear myself away from two wheels.

If you are heading out for a long ride and decide to give these apple strudel energy balls a go, let me know what you think?


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