endospheres therapy

I don’t talk about beauty and wellness treatments enough on here but let me clarify, I LOVE them! I would happily have different treatments every single week, I used to get fortnightly massages and honestly I’m not sure why I stopped… cost aside! So, you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to try a relatively new to the UK, face and body treatment known as Endospheres Therapy, at the Pietro Simone clinic in Belgravia. Endospheres therapy is essentially a lymphatic massage process, using a joystick-like device made up of 55 rotating knuckle-like spheres (those that watch my Insta stories will have seen this device in action!).

I am a huge fan of lymphatic drainage therapy because annoyingly, I tend to hold onto a lot of water. ‘Fun’ fact about me – Impatient, stubborn and strong-willed to the core, I was born prematurely. With 10 weeks to go I’d decided that was it, I’d had enough and was coming out, whether anyone liked it, or not! My poor Mum had also been in the hospital on bed rest for the 10 weeks prior to that because I kept trying to make my entrance into the world! During those 10 weeks, my poor Mum had to undergo THREE operations, the first one to remove two massive kidney stones – ouch. The second one, she needed a tube inserted into her side to drain her kidney, this one the poor bugger had to have under local anaesthetic because the chances were that under general anaesthetic, they wouldn’t have been able to stop her going into labour – my fault, sorry Mum! The third one, another kidney stone! Thankfully through all of that, she managed to hang on to me until when she did, in order to give me that little extra cooking time! What a hero. Anyway, because my organs were so underdeveloped for those first few months I suffered quite badly with edema aka water retention, as is quite common in preemies. So there you go, a little insider knowledge about me and my birth and possibly why I’m so drawn to lymphatic drainage treatments!


I went into the clinic feeling a little tired, if I’m honest, my skin felt quite dull and I’d started to notice a few fine lines (gasp) so I was excited to see what this treatment could do. There were some pretty bold claims on the internet of the treatment drastically improving skin tone and elasticity as well as getting rid of cellulite altogether, with lots of impressive before and after images. I’m always quite skeptical but was also intrigued to give it a go. Pietro talked me through the process and explained that it might feel rather strange, it did, especially around the forehead and eyes, but it’s totally non-invasive and like I mentioned above, it’s essentially a massage on steroids – which I can always get on board with. The treatment leaves you feeling (and looking) like your circulation has had a massive boost and the increased blood flow to the surface of the skin nourishes your skin cells giving you that plump, youthful, glowing complexion. I definitely noticed a difference, mainly in my face but I think with the recommended amount of treatments (different for everyone), the effects would be really impressive. As well as the more aesthetic anti-aging benefits, it can help with the treatment of scars and would also be incredibly beneficial for athletes, helping with both preparation and recovery.

Massive thanks to Pietro for having me and for being the pioneer of endospheres therapy here in the UK, if you get the chance to try it, you definitely should! I think I’ll be booking a session for pre and post marathon…


I’m on the lookout for an EPIC facial…

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