moon manifestation rituals for beginners

Bear with me folks, I am about to get slightly woo-woo up in here and talk about moon manifestation rituals but trust me, even if that’s not really your vibe, there is still a massive benefit to this process…


Now, I’ve heard a bit about moon rituals before, this might come as a surprise but for a brash Northerner, I’m actually pretty spiritual… I even used to be part of a weekly meditation group back when I lived in Cyprus! This was way back before meditation got ‘cool’, it was heavily woo-woo but looking back, so helpful at that time in my life. If you believe in the power of energy (which you should – it’s science, not magic!) the energy of a group can feel so powerful. I’ve always been someone that really feels the energy in a room, for me it’s unavoidable, which can be both draining and uplifting depending on the circumstance. Anyway, I was reminded of these Moon rituals from the lovely Lucy Sheridan, if you haven’t heard of her you need to go check her out! She’s a life coach, speaker, all around babe and I kinda just want to be mates with her – I reckon we’d have a laugh over a glass of wine or three… (She created this video that explains Moon rituals in more detail so if you’re interested, definitely check it out, it’s not long and the process really is a simple one.)

Essentially though, they are a process of harnessing the energy of the moon to help you clarify and manifest what you want and need, and release what you don’t.


I used this site to find out when the new moon and full moon occur each month, you most often get one of each. The 13th of this month saw a new moon and then on the 28th June we’ll have a full moon. Some people use the new moon to set intentions and sow the seeds for the things they want to manifest or ‘call in’ and then they use the full moon as a way to release the things that aren’t serving them anymore or are holding them back. If you have a few things or emotions that you’d really like to let go of, why not give it a go on the 28th, it’s worth a try, right? You’ll probably find that even the act of writing those things down on paper helps you release them in some way. For my moon ritual I decided to do it the way Lucy mentioned in her video. I wrote down three lists on one piece of paper, one list was all the things that I’m grateful for and would like to keep in my life, the next list was things that I want to let go of and the third list was things that I want to manifest. As I mentioned in my ‘June Goals’ post, I’ve been feeling growing pains for a while now and so it felt like I had a tonne of stuff to let go of and even more stuff that I wanted to call in. It’s quite telling that my first list was almost empty but I’m working hard to make sure that there’s more on it the next time around.

Then, in the spirit of really not giving a fuck, I went out into the garden and read my list out loud (not mega loud, just quietly to myself) and then once I was finished, I balled it up and set fire to it.

It was as easy as that.

Even if you’re a little sceptical about the power of the moon and aren’t sure about starting mini fires in your garden, I think we can all agree that taking some time each month to check in with yourself and set some intentions, can only be a good thing. Thoughts really do become things – whilst being a slightly terrifying thought for someone with anxiety and mild OCD tendencies, it really is true – within us, we each have everything that’s needed to create the best version of ourselves. If only we’re willing to put in the work.


Have you ever taken part in any moon manifestation rituals? Fancy getting in on the action next time around? Let me know…

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