Hayley Warnes Swimming Speedo Male 1k Wet

It’s no secret that I have very recently struggled through a crash course in marathon training (and of course the marathon itself – see my race recap here), during the training I spent a fair bit of time lamenting over how slow and unfit I felt, much slower than I used to be. Is it a coincidence that I was faster on my feet when I was swimming 3 x per week? Speedo don’t think so and actually neither do I, now I come to think about it. I was running about 60% less than I am now and yet…



Hayley Warnes Adidas Runner London Marathon Race Report

Finally… A recap of the epic day out that was the 2017 Virgin London Marathon. After a sound nights sleep – Randomly I always sleep really well before races, which I know is a little strange. It definitely isn’t down to an excess of confidence, I can tell you that! Anyway, after a sound nights sleep I woke early (none of my usual scrambling to make it on time) and met a friend who lives locally so that we could bus it over to the start line together, this is when the nerves really set in. The Lead Up I…



Rocabella Mykonos luxury Hotel Greece

Where to even begin. I had the recommendation to stay at Rocabella Mykonos during our time in Greece from a longtime friend and travel blogger extraordinaire Phoebe, whom I know has impeccable taste. After a little more digging around on the web I also learned that the hotel had been styled by one of my favourite interior designers Tine Kjeldson, other projects of hers include Scorpios Mykonos (sadly closed during our visit to Greece) and Casa Cook, located in Rhodes and also opening soon in Kos. She creates a super relaxed, beachy vibe that exudes laid back luxury and I literally…