We all know that I love triathlon. Without a second thought for my dwindling bank balance I am a fully paid up, card carrying, spandex wearing member of this amazing club of athletes. That being said, I still consider myself a complete beginner and every race I have entered and completed so far has been a total baptism of fire and more of an amazing learning curve rather than an amazing success, this of course depends on your definition of success but I’m sure you all know what I’m getting at. I would love to be ‘good’ at it, I do possess some teeny smidgen…




‘NUTS FOR SALMON’ SALAD This little concoction is our take on the M&S Nutty Superfood Salad. We made additions and switched a bunch of things around so decided to photograph and post the recipe here, we’re kind like that! Despite the lengthy ingredient list this really is super simple to throw together. You will need; Salmon Wild Rice Quinoa (we used a 3 grain variety) Carrots Edamame Broccoli Asparagus Courgette Baby Corn Black Eyed Beans Walnuts Pistachios Almonds Pine nuts Coriander Spinach For your dressing; Light Soy Sauce Honey Fresh Squeezed Lime Ginger Sesame Oil Black Pepper Directions as follows; Prepare a pan of…



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Beautiful, beautiful Como. We spent two blissful nights here on our way to the training camp in Cesenatico. Honestly, I could have spent about a fortnight, sunbathing by the lake, drinking in the view and feasting on delicious Italian fare, with as much gelato as I could possibly manage thrown in on top, of course!. We stayed at The Hotel Belvedere in Bellagio, owned and operated by 5 generations of strong Italian women who have fiercely protected and nurtured the place over the years. The warm welcoming feel of a small family run establishment still very evident despite being much larger than I anticipated. These…