1. Blanche DuBois says:

    Yup Hayley, spent four months here. So much to do and a vibe like no other, a very healing place and yeah the surf is crazy good, emphasis on the crazy . So much brilliant yoga, organic eateries, every healing modality you could imagine. Take advantage of the massage and spas. Volcano hiking. Argh so much! planning to go back next year 🙂 The litter and some of the socio economic probs prostitution and poverty etc can be confronting but you gotta remain positive haven’t you (v corrupt govt so environmental issues are massive but theres many ppl working towards bettering things). Oh I know, you could research some organisations that help animals and go and volunteer for a few days they have crazy problems with tonnes of street dogs and cats and there were some amazing ozzie organisations doing good work. Could be heart breaking but so worth doing. Good luck hope you go soon! If you do I can offer about a million restaurants and cafe recs so don’t hesitate X

    • Break The Loop says:

      Ah of course you did, I remember! 4 months sounds like the dream!! I have a feeling I would be coming back with furry friends in tow! Ha! I really hope we make it out there soon, we had been planning a few months in the states early 2017 but that’s not looking like an overly attractive prospect now (I know, I’m being a bit dramatic!)… The idea of being somewhere like that and turning phones and wifi off is SO appealing right now!

    • Break The Loop says:

      Also, thanks for the recommendations love, I definitely will shout if we get to make it a reality! xx

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