1. Nice post! I will check out the video Tara recommended, thanks for the tips! xx

  2. Very true Hayley. I too have been wanting to blog a lot more but can be overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes, that I too don’t blog much but post more on Instagram. The world sure does have a less attention time spam, myself included. Great blog and you’ve reignited my passion to write. My life currently is one large moment xx

    • Break The Loop says:

      Yeah it’s hard to see the value in it sometimes when it’s consumed so quickly but if you love doing it then you gotta find a way! Looking forward to seeing more of your writing, lady! You’ve got an amazing year to recap! 😉 xx

  3. Francesca Weinberg says:

    I love this blog because it’s honest and real. It’s also well written and full of helpful insights. All us overthinking perfectionists need to get out more!! (I’m certainly an over thinker – no so sure about the perfectionist…)

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