1. Natasha says:

    We watched Minimalism too, I have seen a few things like this. Take what you want from them, as I do look at these people as extremists, however they are bringing to peoples attention a possible lifestyle that people maybe unaware of and that people can live this way.

    A really important message and love the post!

    • Break The Loop says:

      Totally!! Can you imagine living with one suitcase?!? Err… nope!! Definitely inspired me to simplify though…

  2. pq says:

    Great post!! I usually only have one coffee a day, normally about an hour into my work day. I look forward to it and use it as a goal to get the day started, not allowed that coffee till I have answered that email, or finished that little task I’d set myself … It is a ritual and I savour the coffee most mornings !!

    • Break The Loop says:

      Love that! That used to be one of my little rituals although I’d get up slightly early and enjoy it before checking in with the rest of the world… Definitely something I need to bring back!

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