1. Natasha says:

    Hayley! Hayley! Hayley! 100% behind you (and on the side line) supporting and believing in you girl!!!

  2. James Poole says:

    FWIW, I think you should run more, not less. Marathon training by nature means running more miles. Enough miles to get you to a place where you can run 26.2 miles in one go. Each time you run you stress the body and with rest in builds itself stronger. You know this I know. The problem with running only three times a week is that you are going to have to run long on each of those three runs to do the requisite miles to be in good shape for the marathon. In your own words the problem was upping the mileage from 5km>10 miles quickly.

    IMO you should consider a plan where you run more often with shorter distances. Think of it in the same way you would go to the gym. You wouldn’t try and press the 100kg weight on your first go. You’d start with lots of reps of lighter weights and build up. Running is the same. Condition your body with regular shorter runs and work up from there. I’ve run injury free for around 10 years on a regime of regular, often and more often than not, slow. I’m happy to explain more on Friday or drop me a line. Excited that you have a place at the marathon but you got to love the journey as well 🙂

    • Break The Loop says:

      Hmm, interesting… I hadn’t really thought of it like that (the problem being upping mileage too quickly as opposed to the volume itself). Will definitely pick your brains on Friday! It’s maybe worth noting though that I’ll also be doing at least two bikes per week which will easily account for one run – Coach has set sessions that are known to translate to run strength. I could potentially up it to 4 runs per week though on top of that?! At the minute I’m only getting one (max two) per week though so will probably just need to get through the next couple of weeks on 3 and then see where I’m at? Thanks for the message love, any and all advice very welcome and I know you’re a pro!!! Chat to you on Friday!

  3. Im SO excited for you and I’ll be looking forward to training updates and being your online cheerleader! 😉

    You’re gonna do awesome, I know it! 🙂

    • Break The Loop says:

      Ahh thank you SO much love! I really appreciate that, someone else to hold me accountable! 😀 (I defo need it! Ha!) xx

  4. John Gibbard says:

    If I was to recommend anything it would be relax out on your long runs. Do not be tempted to run them at marathon goal pace, run nice and slow. I ran in Zone 2/3 in Heart Rate terms, it really builds the cardio response, improving the fa burning. Leave your speed sessions for mid-week runs and start adding spells at marathon pace into your long runs as you start to approach the longest sessions. Finally, try and do you long runs on softer surfaces. River paths, park trails even for sections of the overall run will help to a) reduce that impact stress b) build supporting soft tissues c) help with that clean air issue.

    • Break The Loop says:

      You’re the second person to mention taking it super slowly so will definitely take it on board, thanks so much for the advice! Also, yes to trails and river paths, more of those please! 🙂

  5. Lucy Fitness says:

    Don’t worry at all about being behind on the training plan. The first time I ran a marathon I did it off the back of 9 weeks training after breaking my leg skiing. I felt like I was behind but looking back now I realise that if I’d done the whole 16 weeks I would have injured myself.
    I’ve also just been offered a place and so haven’t started my training yet. Like you I’m going for less is more in terms of the number of runs. Instead of wasted miles I’ll be getting in the gym in the gym to ensure my whole body, including my legs, is strong. Good luck! Let me know if you fancy any training runs or races!

    • Break The Loop says:

      That makes me feel loads better, I completely agree… Feeling pretty positive about it all actually! It helps that I’m not aiming for a particular time, more just ‘get round with a smile’. That’s awesome you’re doing it to! Definitely up for some training runs! Although, I keep saying that but getting everyones training schedules to align is like trying to have tea with the Queen! Ha!

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