1. pq says:

    Just try to enjoy it, at the end of the day there is no pressure on you to get a fast time. I know that it is clichéd, but all of these challenges that we take on are journeys, go with it and learn from it. As per your recent post, this time next year you’ll look back on the experience stronger and wiser. It is hard not to be paranoid about every single little niggle, but relax and enjoy the run most of the time it will disappear and you’ll have forgotten about it another km or two down the road. Don’t be overwhelmed by the distance, it is only four 10kms, on race day break it down into bite size chunks, adrenaline will do the rest. You will be fine, JFDI !!

    • Break The Loop says:

      Thanks PQ, that was much needed! Like the idea of thinking of it as 4 x 10kms… I can do that, surely! 😉 I might write JFDI on my hands! Ha!

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