1. Ellie says:

    Well said!! Working with teams of guys, I hear just the same. Too much negativity – I hate it!!

    Have you read ‘Eat, Sweat Play’ by Anna Kessel? It’s an enlightening read!

    • Break The Loop says:

      I bet, I just don’t get it. Collectively we are so much better than this! I haven’t read that but I will add it to my pile! Thanks love!

  2. Emma says:

    Yes!!!! Well said – the internet is a wonderous and also hideous thing that brings out the vicious keyboard warriors in what would face to face be lovely human beings! Just because you think it doesn’t mean you should say it – makes me so mad Any going to prise off my rant pants and go share this everywhere possible! Brilliant post!

    • Break The Loop says:

      Haha my rant pants have given me a proper wedgie! Hahaha! It really does come down to ‘if you have nothing nice to say…’ Thanks for the support love, really glad I wrote this, almost didn’t.

  3. ColetteO says:

    Amen to this! Walk a mile in my shoes, ‘n all that! Someone who knows me very, very well says I’m the strongest person / let alone woman that they know … yet some think I am weak because of a number of experiences like this.
    And I get that delayed reaction thing!

    You are Awesome!! – and this is an Awesome Post!!
    (maybe I need to get out more…)

    • Break The Loop says:

      It’s funny isn’t it… It’s just second nature to make snap judgements about people though, we all do it – me included! They’re only ever based on a snapshot (or couple of snapshots) of someones life, hardly enough to make any decision about an individuals strength, integrity, so on and so forth… One of the things I try to work on the most – less judging. xx

  4. jessica BROWNE says:

    well said hun x

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